What is The Vantage Advantage?

March 1, 2021

Why should you care and why should you pay for it?

It isn’t lost on me that you could be anywhere right now. The competition for your attention is at an all-time high. As more and more platforms become popular, and our attention spans become shorter it will become even more competitive. Starting a newsletter seems to be going in the opposite direction of what conventional wisdom will tell us. Even more insane is charging for it! There is so much “free” content out there so why would anyone pay?

At the risk of using an overused cliche, “there’s nothing really free.” Truthfully most articles on launching anything nowadays will often tell you the path to success is to first provide content for free, build your audience then upsell! So in other words you are the product.

Strangely there are similarities to the financial planning industry with this approach. You’ll often hear advisors, say “We do comprehensive wealth management…and the financial planning is free.” Anyone who truly believes in financial planning knows the incredible value that financial planning provides to the client. Our industry tends to focus on investment management and trying to get better returns (hey I’m all for making money too!) but no one planner really has any control over market performance. The value lies in the advice and working with a competent professional that has your best interest in mind. The value is in the financial plan so that’s what you should pay for.

The Vantage Advantage will serve as a way to engage readers by discussing relevant behavioral finance, financial planning, and other topics. The topics will be mainly for educational purposes since, without knowing your specific situation it’s impossible to truly advise you. One thing that will remain a priority of this newsletter is to deliver value. The hope is that the value will be such that you’re willing to pay for a subscription ($25/monthly or $295 annually). This membership will entitle you to at least a monthly letter delivered directly to your inbox or to be read on this site. Each month I will be covering a different financial planning topic and or other relevant topics. You would also be entitled to comment and connect directly with me! (I know I know awesome right?). I’d rather grow slowly with a small engaged community than try to put out “free” content that neither of us really get any value out of. Ok, occasionally there will also be a public post that will be available to everyone if for some strange reason you didn’t want to signup yet.

I appreciate your reading, and would love to have you become a part of our community!

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