Transparency is essential to YOU; therefore, it is essential to us.

We want to provide perspective and clarity as it relates to your financial life. Our financial planning process is comprehensive and we want to make sure we are consistently delivering value to our clients. Review the charts below, in order to get a better idea of the services we provide and where you might fit.

Level and Vehicle for Emergency Fund
How / When To Pay Off Debt
Employment Benefits Review
College Education Planning
Contributions to 401(k) and IRA
Five-Year Cash Flow Projection
Retirement Projections
Income Tax Planning
Home Purchase Decision
Charitable Giving Strategy
Social Security Planning
Pension Election Planning
Retirement Withdrawal Planning
Timing of Retirement
"Windfall" Planning (inheritance, business sale, severance, etc) Medium High
Stock Options / Restricted Stock Strategies Medium High
Deferred Compensation Strategies Medium High
Small Business Retirement Plan Selection Medium High
Pre-65 Healthcare Planning Medium High
Job / Career Change Evaluation Medium High
Asset Class Allocation
Specific advice for current employment retirement plan only
Specific advice for multiple retirement accounts
Specific advice for multiple retirement accounts and taxable accounts
Guidance on variable annuities
General advice on types and amounts of life insurance
Specific advice on types and amounts of life insurance
General property / casualty liability, disability, and long-term care advice
Specific advice on existing term life insurance policies
Specific advice on existing term and permanent life insurance policies
Long-term care cash flow analysis
Basic Estate Planning Advice
Estate Design
Review of Existing Documents
Charitable Estate Planning
Estate Settlement Advice

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